Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sulphur Springs at Kalopanayiotis, Marathasa Valley, Nicosia

Sulphur Springs at Kalopanayiotis 

After our visit at the Venetian bridge at Kalopanayiotis it was time for us to visit the famous "Sulphur Springs" or "Healing Springs" near the river.

The Sulphur Springs have been well known in the area for hundreds and probably thousands of years. Their healing power have made Kalopanayiotis a special place for many through the centuries.

As locals say, the sulphur water taken in small quantities can be very beneficiary for stomach problems. For women, the sulphur inside the water can be a great way to naturally preserve the skin in a great condition.

As we came close to the "Sulphur Springs" we found the source with an old indication from 1937. That was probably the year that they decided to separate that source so anyone would know which is the normal drinkable water and which contains the sulphur.

Of course we tested the sulphur waters in small quantities as we were instructed before we continued our expedition.

This is indeed a highlight of the village and something you do not find easily around the island, so we recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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