Monday, 16 September 2013

The Cave of Saint Demetrianos, Saint Demetrianos village, Pafos

The Cave of Saint Demetrianos 

On our way to Panagia village in Pafos we passed many beautiful villages, one of them was Saint Demetrianos!

It was our first time in the area so we had to explore the village further, despite the little time we had.

Going towards the village we saw a big Church and a small park with the sign "Saint Demetrianos". A little bit later we found a Cave next to the Church where Saint Demetrianos spend a big part of his life.

Saint Demetrianos was born in Nicosia but ended up Pafos after he decided not to get married and devote his Life to God. Story has it that when he left home his mother followed him for many hours until she got tired and thirsty. Then Saint Demetrianos returned back and with his stick hit the ground and water came out. The water source exists until today!

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